It can be an intimidating experience when you stand at beauty counters but at the same time, there is no other better feeling than choosing a new mascara or a lipstick. Considering the increasing number of stores (both offline and online) where you can shop for skin care and beauty products, there is just nothing that you can’t buy. Whether you’re searching for a new moisturizer or that perfect foundation for your skin color, it’s pretty unlikely that you won’t end up finding something that works. However, hunting for the exact thing can sometimes get tough.

While there are online stores like from where you can get the best skin care products, there are still some smart tricks that you should apply when you visit offline stores. What are they? Here are few that you should know of.

  • Leverage the knowledge of saleswomen

It has to be taken for granted that the women who are responsible for selling such beauty products are well trained and they’re there only to help you with the perfect item for your skin. Keep asking questions to test their knowledge. Ask them about the difference between a certain brand’s liquid foundation and powder, ask them about the serum that you should be using for your skin and ask their opinion on some lip color. Trust their knowledge.

  • Bring one of your friend along with you

Whenever you go about shopping for beauty products, you should take a friend along with you and ensure that she’s honest. If you go alone, there will be none to tell you whether or not a color looks good on you or if a product is priced too high as per its quality. When your best friend offers her suggestions, this can help you in getting the best skin care products for your dollars.

  • Make use of your smartphone while you’re still in the store

Firstly, you can use your smartphone to check the review of the item online. Chances are high that you will get to know how good a product is after checking out the reviews. Secondly, you can also use your smartphone to check if the product is available somewhere else at a lower price. There are many sites which offer free shipping and why wouldn’t you opt for them if you get a lower price?

  • Request them to offer samples

Whether you’re buying some skin care product from the store or from some cosmetic company, you should call them and ask them for samples. There are some reputable companies which will happily send them to you. Being able to use a free sample before buying the actual product is the best way to test a product and then buy it.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can get the best skin care products, whether online or offline, consider the above mentioned points and follow them to end up with the best items.


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