Just like they like to have their weekly movie afternoons at ValueMags, the company equally likes to share their newest interests in music and discoveries. One of the hottest new songs on the Top 40 Hits is 24K Gold by Bruno Mars. Among the many song that the ValueMags marketing team agrees is one of the best, this song tops all of them. However, President Andrew Degenholtz is one of the only ones that decided to listen to Mars’ whole album. As a conclusion, Degenholtz does not think that 24K Gold is the best song on the album.


In the past, ValueMags and their employees have found that songs get popular because the radio picks it up and overplays it, then they move onto the next one. Unfortunately though, there are a lot of the artists songs that get left out and not credited by their fans, media, and the radio commentators. A couple of the songs that deserve more recognition include That’s What I Like, Finesse, and Perm. The Bruno Mars album offers a variety of songs that engage many generations of individuals. Young kids to baby boomers can be seen bumping and jamming to Bruno Mars’ newest album.

ValueMags employees find value in songs and music that can engage many generations and appeals to a larger population. Music is one of the best ways to bring together people which is why music that ties together different genres like pop, funk, disco, and R&B, can bring together so many people over a simple common interest.

To see what else ValueMags employees are talking about, follow their posts and discussion on their new blog.

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