Valuemags is a company that offers the American market magazine subscriptions. They have a complete list of magazines by theme on their website where people can choose which ones to purchase. Because Valuemags is a company that is based online, they have obstacles to overcome like visibility. They have to complete with a lot of other companies to get the attention of their target audience.


There are different ways to be found online like organic search, social media, affiliate sites or referral sites, and blogs. One of the best ways to get people to find you which is virtually free is through organic search. There are millions of different searches being done on Google everyday. The ones that are related to your business are the ones you want to rank for. Search engine optimization is the only way to rank high for the keywords you want but it takes a lot of time and know-how. There are a lot of agencies out there specializing in SEO. Since Valuemags is a magazine company, it is smart to rank for long-tail phrases that have a higher conversion percentage.

Link building is a branch of SEO that helps give authority and relevance to a certain website. Although it is important to note that you shouldn’t get your link on just any site. It has to be related to the category or business activity you are in. Therefore it is important to build relationships with influencers in the industry you are competing in. This way you can help them with content and you can get your name out and their followers will read about you. The link back to your website is also important. If their site is rated as a high domain authority site, the better it will be to optimize your site. For example, if you get your link on sites that are consistently rated a 24-domain authority, it can only get you so far. If you get your link on sites like the examiner or buzzfeed, it will definitely help rank your site higher than what it was.

If you are a local business, it is important to build relationships with local influencers. That way when people search for you locally on Google, they will find you more easily as compared to someone else who is not actively doing anything to be found online.

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