Today, meeting a patient’s demands goes well beyond health care services- and includes the overall consumer experience. You have to ensure transparent billing, quality pricing, and put up payment options to ensure customer satisfaction.

With increasing propagation of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), most patients fear for a rise in their deductibles, premiums, and coinsurance. That’s why they are demanding transparency and tools that can appraise all choices for care if they have to seek your services. Here are a few ways to keep up with Consumerization of health care.

  • Increase Loyalty through your Web

An engaging website can be a useful tool in building brand loyalty and improving the expediency and effectiveness of your healthcare services. If patients can book appointments through your site, they can easily tell when to schedule their visits after reviewing their physician’s timetable. Also, patients can choose their preferred doctor based on educational background, medical specialties, and language fluency.

What’s more, your online presence can assist you to engage patients with their health on a day to day basis. Your Healthcare experts can help patients set rational dietary and fitness goals, and implement them to examine their sugar levels and blood pressure. Engaging with your patients regularly can build loyalty and make you’re their first stop.


  • Offer alternative ways of Payment

With alternative payment methods flocking the market, you need to provide many options for your telemedicine merchant account to accommodate all consumers. Since patients don’t plan most of their visits to the doctor, but disaster can strike anytime, few of them save up for the unforeseen healthcare. Therefore when offering payment plans don’t forget to incorporate automatic account debiting which can help consumer stay on their current payment plans without constant renewal.

Smartphones are today’s trend, a significant percentage of world’s population, it seems like consumers are increasingly relying on technology, especially mobile. Because technology is creating new ways to pay, customers are always expecting their preferred gateway. Accepting web-based payments, POS system and mobile payments allow all patients to sort their bills without having to mail a check.

  • Anticipate More Change

Since birds have learned to fly without patching, you should learn to advance with the changes taking place in the healthcare landscape.  Consider partnering with third-party vendors and using applications that will not only improve consumer experience but also better patient experience.

Ensure to work with the right providers and offer users the latest online tools to help them manage their health.

Success in this new market will need a different approach to your usual patient experience. Healthcare is no longer about providing care alone; the aspect of value is now a bone of contention. You have to embrace the principles of customer service, expediency, and transparency without compromising on the excellence of care.

Though treating patients as customers come with its challenges, this strategy always offers care providers the opportunity to make larger profits. Only, your success will be determined by your ability to advance with the ongoing transformation and sometimes, your account provider, try eMerchantBroker for better services.

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