You’ve been doing prescription drugs for a while.  They make you feel good.  And because they’re prescription drugs, you figure they’re totally safe.  Maybe your doctor gave them to you for pain when you were recovering from an injury.  Or maybe you raised your parent’s prescription drug, or maybe you lifted some from a house at a party.  They made you feel good, but eventually, you ran out.

So, you buy more prescription drugs, but this time off the street, and continue your habit.  But the DEA is cracking down on prescription drug abuse, and it’s getting harder to find them.  You’re considering switching to something else, but you’re also concerned that maybe you might be addicted to them.  You’ve looked at ads for prescription drug rehab and you wonder if you could be addicted.


How to Tell if You’re Addicted to Prescription Drugs

You may be wondering at this point if you’re actually addicted to prescription drugs.  Maybe you heard that prescription drugs are “safer” than street drugs, or maybe you’ve been told that it’s hard to get addicted to prescription drugs.  The reality is that many prescription drugs are addictive, and using them in a way the doctors didn’t intend is dangerous.  So, knowing this,answer the following questions from

  1. Are prescription drugs frequently on your mind?
  2. Have you ever taken prescription drugs because you were angry or upset?
  3. Have you stolen something to pay for your prescription drug habit?
  4. Have you ever overdosed?
  5. Have you ever been arrested for drug use or driving under the influence?
  6. Have you gotten into fights with loved ones over your drug use?
  7. Have you ever lost a job or performed poorly on the job or at school because you were high?
  8. Have you ever tried to quit, but couldn’t?

These questions help establish whether or not you’re addicted.  Answer yes to any of them suggests you are indeed addicted to prescription drugs and you should look at prescription drug addiction treatment.

You Can’t Stop By Yourself

People who are addicted to prescription drugs often develop a dependency to the prescription drug.  What happens is that your body starts to need the drug to function.  It can cause some very serious, and even life-threatening, symptoms should you try to stop the drugs yourself.  Chances are the withdrawal effects will cause you to take more of the prescription drug to stop the symptoms.  But you need to get off the drug safely.  That’s why you need to find a prescription drug addiction treatment center that will provide a safe detox.

Detox is Only the First Step

Once you are out of detox, your body no longer craves the prescription drug, but your mind is still addicted.  This causes you to want to continue to use, even if your body is no longer dependent on it.  A drug rehab center can help you reduce, and eventually eliminate, cravings so that you can get on with your life.  People who use drugs are frequently driven to use because of various problems in their life.  A good drug rehab center can help you find out what causes you to continue to use drugs and addresses the underlying cause of your distress.  That way, you don’t have the urge to take drugs when you’re confronted with problems.

This Isn’t My First Time in Rehab

Many people who go into rehab often don’t stay clean because the siren call of the prescription drugs is too tempting.  This doesn’t mean that you failed.  It just means you know many of the techniques that are used to stay clean.  This might not be the first time you’ve been in rehab, but it could be the last time.

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