Just like humans, plan need nutrients and minerals to grow, they do have certain sort of diet as you have including the necessary enzymes, nutrients, water, sunlight and minerals. The techniques of growing plants and crops have been experimenting to achieve great benefits and better products. Hydroponic is one of those technique or process which you should know about. Also that nutrients especially canna nutrient is important to the growth of plants.


Introducing Hydroponic

Hydroponic is a technology or technique of growing plants in a minimized soil or aquatic medium based environment. You may know about the hydro culture technique where the plants are not grown in soil or in water. The growing nutrients are distributed through water which develops the term hydro culture. This hydroponic is a subset of hydro culture where the growing process is carried out in soilless medium and by water as nutrients and mineral solution. Now, people are magnetized with this type of growing in areas where the soil doesn’t matter or environment less matter as the environment or essential surrounding are generated for the well being of plant’s growth.  Different type of hydroponic systems are there like water culture, Ebb and Flow system, Wicks system, Drip system Aeroponic system, N.F.T system etc

 Nutrients and Canna

There are numerous nutrients in form of liquid and organic nutrients are there to fulfill the growth of plant like growth enhancers, Cellmax, orchid focus, Organic nutrients, B.A.C Nutrients, canna and other numerous sections of nutrients.
Canna: it is a high quality enzyme which is used for activation of microorganism and accelerates the process of breaking down the material of dead root. It enhances the tendency of plant to absorb nutrients and saves the plant from the pathogens organism as boosting the resistance. It is kind of enzyme used for speeding up the process of growth in any hydroponic gardening plant.

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