A dental hygienist salary is higher than most professionals. Basically, a dental hygienists purpose is very similar if not the exact same to that of a licensed dentist. Their main concern is your oral hygiene. A dental hygienist salary is estimated to be about $71,500 annually. There is however a significant gap in a dental hygienist salary belonging to the top ten percent of professionals in the industry and the lowest ten percent in the industry. A dental hygienist salary of someone belonging to the top ten percent of paid professionals is an estimated $96,600 ($46.50/hour) and the average dental hygienist salary of a paid professional in the lowest ten percent of the industry is an estimated $47,900 ($23.00/hour).


There are several different factors that may contribute to the fluctuation in a dental hygienist salary. Such factors include the industry in which the professional decides to specialize in, their location, the education and experience within the field.

Like most other jobs, a dental hygienist salary may depend on the level of experience of the individual. The more experience they have, the higher their dental hygienist salary will be. Individuals who spend more time training in dentists offices while completing their education may have an advantage over other candidates competing for the same position in the field.

Depending on where the professional decides to practice, he/she will see a difference in their dental hygienist salary. Although it is the most common for professionals in this field to gravitate more towards a position in a dentist’s office, there are other options. There are other ambulatory sectors that have positions available and are rarely inquired about by dental hygienists. Their dental hygienist salary would increase in a field like this and should be looked into by any emerging professionals into the field.

A dental hygienist has many decisions to make before beginning his/her career which can help maximize their dental hygienist salary.

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