You may not realize that by using the wrong pillow, you could earn yourself unwanted wrinkles and lines. With age, impressions left by your pillow can become permanent lines, essentially ironing wrinkles onto your face overnight. To address the problem, some companies have developed beauty pillows, designed to minimize lines and wrinkles left by ordinary pillows. Using an anti-wrinkle pillow may become a useful component of your skin care routine.


Beauty Pillows

A Beauty Pillow is specially designed to guard your skin against the damage and wear that normal pillows can cause. According to many of the manufacturers of these products, a Beauty Pillow generally, comes with a satin pillowcase, and is specially designed to cut down to a minimum pull and friction on your skin and hair that standard pillows often cause. The crescent-shape that is common for these beauty pillows are meant to provide a cradling type of support for your head while you sleep, and raises your head above your standby pillow. Many beauty experts say that these kinds of pillows have been recommended by dermatologists and chiropractors.

Anti-Wrinkle Pillows

A part of many popular lines of beauty products is the anti-wrinkle pillow. These pillows are specially designed to prevent pillow wrinkles around the eyes. These pillows are said to prevent the compression wrinkles that can more easily form around the relatively softer skin around the eyes. They do this by not creating pressure on the orbital eye area, leaving it open to the air. Researchers report that 93% of women who used these pillows enjoyed a reduction of compression wrinkles around the eyes.

Suspension Anti-Wrinkle Pillows

Suspension pillows are specially designed to suspend the face of the user above the main pillow, protecting the face from developing sleep lines. This pillow may also help to improve air flow through the nasal passages, relieve aching necks and shoulders by providing improved musculoskeletal support. According to the manufacturer, suspension anti-wrinkle pillows could also help those who are recovering from cosmetic surgery. It comes in two different sizes.

The Copper Oxide Pillowcase

Another well received anti-wrinkle innovation is copper oxide pillowcases. According to many beauty experts, this new innovation was pioneered by a manufacturer of medical copper dressings. After seeing how the copper used in many medical dressings seemed to be causing increased collagen levels in the skin, they began to explore using copper in the prevention facial wrinkles and lines. In a four-week clinical study of these pillowcases, tracking 58 volunteers who either used an anti-wrinkle type pillowcase or an ordinary pillowcase. At the end of the trial, volunteers who used the copper oxide anti-wrinkle pillowcases were 70% more likely to have experienced a reduction in facial lines and wrinkles.


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