Everyone loves to eat cakes from elders to kids. Cakes are available in many mouth watering flavors to choose from. Cheesecakes are also one of them. Cheese cakes are very popular among kids all around the world. Cheese cakes are the most common and most popular among all the ages. Cheese cakes are also considered as the oldest and most loved milk dairy product which is also popular after so many years. Cheese cakes are usually made using Ricotta cheese, Cream cheese, Twarog, Havarti,and Quark. Some other ingredients are also mixed with it such as egg, cream, sugar, fruit and many other delicious things.



Cheese cakes are also available in many major types. Each of them is mentioned below:

Good old American style: These cakes are usually made using cream cheese. James craft has invented cream cheese for the first time in America. Since then as the name suggests, these cheese cakes are very popular in America.

New York Style: New York style cheese cakes are very similar to the Good old American style except for the add-on such as heavy cream, eggs, and egg yolk to provide smoothness and consistency to the cakes.

Durian cheese cakes: Durian cheese cakes are also very popular among many children. These cakes are using melt cream cheese, butter, milk, and durian mixed with egg yolk and little salt.

Chicago style: Chicago style cakes are special cakes which are cream filled from the inside and they are firm from the outside. This cake is loved all around in Chicago and many people have named it after the city. Cream cheese is used in the making of it rather than usual cheese. These cakes are filled with cream and then refrigerated for a shorter time so that the outer layer becomes hard enough to hold the cream which is filled in the inside.

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