It becomes common knowledge that marijuana or cannabis has an impressive series of health benefits. What has hindered public access to this miraculous plant is a very common misconception: that cannabis is a drug and legalizing it will mean that everyone will just use it to get high. Little is known about the different types of hemp out there and the fact that not all have the same chemicals that trigger a high mood. This being said, you may want to know more about the daily use of cannabis oil.

  1. Do not fear cannabis oil

We are dealing with two different hemp plant strains: one is rich in a mood altering, psychoactive compound, the THC, while the other lacks this, being rich in cannabidiol or CBD. This is the source for the acclaimed CBD oil. It poses no threat and causes no addiction. Besides, it is safe and legal.


  1. Cannabidiol is safe to ingest

Countless people are already taking cannabidiol or CBD oil in the form of food supplements. It’s because this oil contains many minerals, vitamins, healthy fatty acids (including Omega 3) and can successfully replace a multimineral and multivitamin supplement. You can order CBD oil online in the form of capsules that you can take daily.

  1. CBD oil topical use

If you are planning to use medical hemp oil on your skin, know that it can slow down the aging process, stop inflammation, alleviate acne and hydrate your skin effectively. However, using too much of it will minimize sebum production, thus leaving skin without its protection layer and making it prone to dryness. When you notice this effect, take a pause and use your regular hydrating cream.

  1. Treat stress related psychological issues

Problems induced by stress, such as anxiety or depression, can be soothed with the daily use of cannabis oil. You will feel more relaxed once you do so.

  1. Make stubborn pain go away

Cannabidiol interferes in the process that signals pain to your brain. In terrible ailments such as arthritis, this helps patients experience less pain and thus improve their quality of life day after day. Whether your pain is chronic or it’s something acute, you can attack it with CBD. Works with headaches, too.

  1. Start with smaller doses

If you take hemp oil orally, experienced users say it’s best to start with a very small dose – about a drop. Do this for the first week, then double it. Keep increasing the dosage every 4 days, until you take the recommended dosage. You will also have to take into account the concentration/dilution indicated by the manufacturer.

  1. Monitor your blood pressure

The oil tends to lower blood pressure in many people. Make sure you’re monitoring yours, so that it doesn’t go below what’s normal. In case you are taking medications with the same effect, you may want to interrupt those.

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